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Our Mission

Total Care Pharma has evolved over last three years through the consulting and counselling work done by pharmacist, Ehab M. Shaarawy Having worked as a pharmacist with unique formulator qualify for managing different dimensions of current health care problems for many years, he became disillusioned with the repetition of medical scripts he was required to fill, and started talking to his customers about how they could permanently solve their condition rather than manage its symptoms.

This work took him out of pharmacy and into a natural health care environment where he helped people to look at their symptoms intuitively and start relating to their physical and emotional health in a responsible way. To date, Ehab has successfully worked with over 10000 patients and this has given his work the depth and sensitivity which sets Total Care Pharma apart from other protocols.

Furthermore, Ehab's work is backed by his strong medical experience which gives him an educated perspective on what allopathic drugs can do to the physical body.

Total Care Pharma aims to get to the root cause of disease, rather than containing or managing an illness. Our products have been developed to entertain the physical body while a person learns the practical skills to heal their emotional body, which is where most diseases emanate from.

The Total Care Pharma supplement range is premium to other brands on the market because of the therapeutic dosages we use in our products. If you compare our products you will notice that we use high, but safe, levels of certain nutrients and plant extracts, which have been scientifically proven to work at certain levels. Consumers of these products will notice the effects and immediately enjoy the health benefits of the Total Care Pharma products.

We use the safest and most absorbable forms of vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals and herbal extracts - with the lowest possible levels of impurities. We have very high standards of procurement and all our raw materials are tested for potency and quality

Dr.Ehab M. Shaarawy
General Manager